Founded in 2002,SWORSCHE Technology Co.,Limited is the Chinese Leading Manufacturer specialized in Micro Audio and Video Surveillance equipments.We are proud that our products have been exported all over the world.We provide OEM&ODM Service.

  •  Well Accepted Products

SWORSCHE has been experienced in developing and manufacturing Mobile DVR,Watch Camera,Hidden Camera,CCTV Camera,CCTV DVRDVR Board,Wifi Camera,Police Recorder, etc . 

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  • Production Capability and Quality Assurance

Our new location in HuangTian covers 1500 square meters. A workforce of more than 230 can secure a high production capacity every month,which allows us to deliver your orders very fast .

  • Partnership with Various Customers

SWORSCHE has always been making great effort to enlarge its sales network. Every year, based on novel products and years of experience working with all types of customers

SWORSCHE can deliver the right products at the best prices to meet every customer's requirements. Come to us and discuss your needs with our sales team. We will surely bring you great satisfaction!

For HD Mobile DVR,Car Camera and Police Bodyworn Camera

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