XBoard is a Sworsche Newly Released 1CH DVR board,which can effect high performance and high definition digital video recording ,with D1(704x576) @30FPS,MPEG-4 video compression.Its size is 60x45mm only,which makes it a truly real time,high definition,low power consumption,easy operation,ultra small professional digital video recorder.It supports multiple recording modes,such as start-up recording,motion detection recording,appointment recording,and manual recording.It supports up to 32G SD memory card . 

1ch dvr board

Applications : 

This module supports wide a wide voltage input,applicable for loop recording in various occassions, to ensure such as home security,office surveillance,shop anti theft,roadsafety recording,pipe inspection,aeromodelling recording,undersea expolration etc. So it can be built in many various products,housing for recording. 



1.Using the latest high compression MPEG4 Format, excellent video recording performance, top system stability. 

2.D1 (704x576) resolution, picture quality close to DVD, the dynamic image is clear, detailed, full color 

3.Video format: MPEG4/ASF; audio format: MP3 

4.Video real time information can be superimposed, with the loop recording function is more suitable for video surveillance 

5.Support a variety of recording modes: manual record, motion detection, scheduled recording, startup recording 

6.Support audio input, audio compression algorithms for 8KHZ/ADPCM 

7.Recording frames is optional 5/15/30fps more suitable for different needs 

8.Support high speed SDHC card recording, maximum support 32G capacity 

9.Support TV-OUT function, TV-out more clearly 

10.Support MPEG4/ASF format video for playback 

11.With AV-IN, AV-OUT function can be directly connected to cameras, televisions, monitors, etc. 

12.Support for infrared remote control,with the ADC interface to support customer self-made keyboard 

13.Support manual camera (non-recording mode, press one button) 

14.The system comes with RS232 serial port, remote control, keyboard functions, set the machine, th control 

15.Support wide input voltage, 5-35V 

16.Low-power consumption, standby 1w or so, the video recording not more than 2w 

17.The machine comes with electronic watchdog, unattended, to ensure that the machines work properly 

18.Size of this module is only 60x45mm, total 100g or so, with positioning hole, higly extensive.
sd card dvr board
hd mini dvr module